Benefits of Social Media Contests

The benefits of social media contests and sweepstakes are growing more apparent with each viral campaign we see. Here are some of the ways that your brand can win it big by taking advantage of these marketing and branding opportunities:

  1. Brand Engagement

We don’t care about who likes your page anymore, and neither should you. We care about the number of people that your posts are reaching, and who is engaging with the content that you push out. Brand engagement is the most important measurement these days, and running a contest on social media is a great way to increase these engagement opportunities.

  1. Remarketing Opportunities

Asking for participants to provide information about themselves is a popular requirement when hosting these competitions. Having these individuals enter simply their emails opens the door for remarketing opportunities down the road. You can build out an email list specifically based on the people who took part in your sweepstakes, and continue to engage with them even after the contest ends.

  1. Increased Brand Assets

Engaging with your audience through user-generated content allows you to gather different brand assets that feature genuine customer interactions with your brand. With their permission, you can then feature this content and use it to advertise across other marketing platforms. Photo-sharing contests or testimonials can be featured on your blog or social media posts. Or depending on your industry, you can consider integrating these assets with your website so that it is automatically updating to regularly share new UGC with visitors.

You definitely want to ensure that all of your marketing efforts to serve a purpose for your brand. Aside from getting the name of your business out there, you want to provide value to your audience, and engage with them in a way that opens doors for future digital marketing campaigns.