A, direct display method


This is one of the most common use is very extensive. It will be a product or topic accurately represented directly on the AD pages, make full use of photography or painting techniques such as realistic performance ability. Fine by score and strive to render the texture, shape and function of products use, the product fine texture absorbingly, give a person with vivid sense of reality, make consumers to promote products to produce a tenderness and trust.

This technique due to the front of the product to the consumer directly, so be very careful on product portfolio and display point of view, should be careful to highlight the product brand and the product itself is the most easy to move people, foil with light and background, make the product in the space of a contagious, so as to enhance the visual impact of the advertising picture.

B, the comparison foil method


Contrast is a tendency to conflicts the most prominent expression of art. It depicted in the works of the things the nature and characteristics in contrast and direct contrast, borrow 1 pet show this, liner, and than each other from the comparison of differences, to concentrate, concise, and the performance of a twist.

Through this technique more clearly stressed or prompt product performance and point, to consumers with profound visual feeling. As a common effective technique of expression, so to speak, all arts have benefited from contrast technique of expression.

C, the reasonable hyperbole


Through imagination, to promote the quality of the object or advertising works feature a certain aspect of the quite obvious too exaggerated, to deepen the understanding or expand these features. Writer gorky said: “exaggeration is a basic principle of creation”. Through this technique can be more clearly stressed or revealing the essence of things, strengthen the artistic effect.

According to its performance characteristics, can be divided into form exaggeration and exaggerated expression exaggeration of two types, the former for the representation of substandard goods, the latter for the implicit sexual modal substandard goods. Through the exaggerated hand method used for advertising the artistic beauty of injected with rich emotional color, make the product characteristic is bright, outstanding, and moving.

D revealing


To emphasize, stereo image in advertising design trade-offs, concentration, with unique imagination or a local to be devoted to seize or extension amplification, in order to more fully expressed the theme. This kind of technique of expression, bring a lot of flexibility to the designer and the infinite expressiveness, at the same time provides the recipient with vast space for imagination, the appeal of the vivid and rich lenovo.

View of the “small”, is the focus of the AD picture description and visual center of interest, it is not only the enrichment and germinal advertising creative, is also the arrangement of the designers the craftsmanship, therefore it is not “small” general meaning, but combine small big, with Max highly refined products, is concise deliberately pursue.

E, full of humor


Humour method the phenomenon of life in the locality, but by people’s sex, appearance and characteristics of some ridiculous. Humorous expression, often using the interesting plot, clever arrangement, a need for certain things, reach out to the point of comics, create a full of interest, funny and interesting humorous artistic conception.

Humor can achieve unexpected conflict, and in the sense of the artistic effect, seduce viewer knowing smile, in the form of having a unique style, the role of the artistic appeal.


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