Shopping at home, take a taxi market! Before quickly drops and drops, when drops with fast wedding, think us rain, work in the clepsydra, but how it Uber fill quickly, to form the new competitive relationship.
However, everything in the end of 8.1:
On August 1st, drops travel with Uber global strategic agreement, drops will acquire Uber all assets, such as China’s brand, business data.
Faint with taxi market a oligopoly is born!
Throughout the Internet, after the prophase of flowers, are ultimately only monopoly exists!
As in the field of group-buying Meituan!
The Internet industry has entered a “comprehensive oligarchs” era, the Internet has always been a competitive field, is also a return for lucrative field. In this age of the Internet, if you can place, it will produce a great return, look at the facebook now!
If you are a member of the Internet, only keep progress, keep the leading technology, in order to survive in the fierce competition!

Although the competition is brutal, but did not have a better future!
For we are young, there is still a long way – because the best way to predict the future is to create the future. Peking look forward to working with you together, continue to fight for the beautiful future together.