Pixel design bureaus shall be limited to the desktop and mobile terminal has become history.
Responsive Web design is a good solution to solve the problem of multi-type screen, but you may not really understand the charm of responsive design, let’s look at, believe me, you will love it.

Responsive design vs adaptive design

Looks the same but it is not. The two design methods complement each other, so no right or wrong. Particular case will depend on the content.


Content stream

With screen size smaller and smaller, the content of the vertical space is more and more, that is, content extends to the bottom, this is called content stream. If you are accustomed to the use of pixels and point to carry on the design, may find it’s hard to master. But it doesn’t matter, accustomed to is easy to understand.


Relative unit

Your design object may be a desktop desktop, can also be any screen of the mobile terminal screen or somewhere in between. Pixel density will be different from each other, so we need to use a flexible, and able to adapt to the situation of units. So in this case, the percentage of relative unit will come in handy. When using the percentage, we say that width is 50% said half of the width of the screen size.


Maximum and minimum values

Sometimes the content to fill the entire screen width (on mobile devices, for example) is a good thing, but if the same content on the TV screen also hold full, seems not very reasonable. This is why have the maximum/minimum value. For example, if the width is 100%, the maximum width 1000 px, the content will be to no more than 1000 px fill the width of the screen.


The breakpoint

Breakpoints can let the page layout in the preset point of deformation, that is to say, in the desktop desktop 3 bar, shows only 1 bar on mobile devices. Most of the CSS properties can realize the breakpoint between deformation. The location of the breakpoint placed usually depends on the content. For example, if the sentence to wrap, you may need to add the breakpoint. But the breakpoint need to be careful when using — if not sure the logical relationship between the content, it is easy to make a mess.


Have compared to interesting, isn’t it discovered the charm of responsive web design, along with the Internet access equipment more and more varieties, only satisfy the reactive site of all equipment to bring the best experience to customers.
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