The average mobile internet user spends approximately three hours per day active in a mobile app. For marketers and users alike, this is no surprise. Mobile has recently stirred a lot of buzz within the industry for the rapid growth it’s accumulating. While in the past mobile apps and mobile websites were “nice to haves,” they quickly have become a necessity for nearly all brands regardless of industry.

Encourage Reviews

Positive reviews from fans of your mobile app, perhaps declaring it a valuable download or saying it provides a great user-experience, are incredibly important to ranking in each app store. These “testimonials” tell other users that this app is worth downloading, which will help build consistent traffic and installs. Never purchase fake reviews just to increase the amount of buzz your app is receiving or you’ll run the risk of having your app suspended entirely. Furthermore, organic reviews are far more valuable to your business than a fabricated one is because you can truly learn from it. If you see recurring commentaries that address one specific function, you have a general idea as to what elements are resonating best with users and which aren’t performing up to par.

Incentives, prizes, and contests

Everyone loves free stuff. Offering incentives to the users who leave you a review can be a great way to increase the amount of individuals who actually choose to do it. Whether it be a coupon code, tangible prizes, or redeemable points to be used within the app, these little things can be just the added push needed for someone to recommend your app.

Clean Icon Design

Leverage Other Platforms

Regular Updates

These are effective ways to promote your app, the ultimate goal is to make sure that you have a high-quality product that fulfills the needs of your target audience.