micro_specialty_3Please the user key is to think like a user. Not every innovation, every remaking, every new technology allows users to pleasure, that really is easy to understand, easy to use, to reduce the difficulty of technology, design methods and arresting people visual elements, is the key to everything.

1, customization,

Customized or personalized, is today one of the most typical trends in web design. When users want to browse the web to get more private browsing experience, whether it’s playing page or shopping.

Each tiny custom design, can let the user feel these user experience design is for them. At the same time, this design also can give the user a engagement and communication experience, so as to enhance customer loyalty. As a result, the user will be better in the website user group or community.

2, concise dynamic effect

Another hot trend is dynamic design. It not only can bring surprise for users, but also have strong instructive.

The essence of dynamic effect design is simple. Giddy or at a loss of dynamic effect, should not be what you want? Dynamic effect should be targeted, and all the other design elements, targeted, goal is the significance of its existence.

3, to the design to character

No one will like boring design. Your website should be consistent with your brand personality, has a unique flavor.

To do this, usually need to use delicate heart copywriting and natural tone of kindness.

4, thinking in the screen

This is not nonsense. Screen is an area, it defined category, concept, create a metaphor. It also explains why parallax scrolling and card interface is so popular. These two concepts are properly placed a certain amount of information to the screen in this container, let users will interact with the next element.

How to use this concept is not so easy. A screen should carry much information, need careful consideration. A desktop client page can carry the amount of information on the mobile terminal screen, may need to be divided into several pages.

Consider a problem from the point of view of the screen, can make your plan is more complex, but the consideration is valuable, this based on the screen or device based on the consideration of can make users feel more convenient close.

5, relaxed and orderly design

Finally a secret is not is not important, it even can be said to be the most basic principle: make your design to keep clean, neat and orderly. Using grid allows each page element with accurate location. To translate responsive design into each element, can let the page compatible from one device to another device.

Contracted wind and wind become minimalist design trend is justified. Users can more easily understand all this. Simple visual design interact more easily. No complex information and is carefully designed interface can work better, give better experience.

Understand user, be familiar with the trend to provide an excellent experience. Contact us, give you a good page.