Sometimes it is worth slowing down to stop and think about your content creation efforts and how to get the most out of your writing. Here are a couple of tips that can help you create blog posts that are loved not only by search engines, but by readers as well.

Do the Research

Begin by assessing the subject matter of your business. What words would you use to define your blog? Narrow down the general topic of your site and the types of categories it will branch off to. Use this as a starting point to begin planning your keyword research. Start by creating a list of words that describe the content of your site and blog posts. Once you have a list, it’s as easy as plugging the terms into search engines to see how competitive and relevant they are. Pay attention to the data you find and note where you have room for opportunity. Finding the right topics and phrasing allows you to hone in on your target audience, possibly even new markets, thus helping build your blog and business.

Find the Right Balance

While it is tempting to try and stuff keywords into your blog content with as many variations as you can, this can be less helpful than you might think. From a user perspective, having a word repeat in quick succession more than a few times can be a bit tiring. Not only does it make what you’re saying less interesting to the user, but it is also disruptive to their reading experience.

blog style

Fun blog posts are definitely good for entertainment value and keeping the blog content fresh. Being able to share an anecdote that relates to your business can personalize your brand and gain traffic in a natural way. When you make a clear effort to add keywords to posts like these, users often overlook them because they are thoroughly enjoying the content itself.

Breaking down your blog writing process into steps can effectively answer your users’ questions, resulting in higher traffic and better optimization. Take the time and effort to do the research and determine your audience. Focus on keyword planning and research, so you can easily write creative content that will help improve your SEO.