Industries at the core of the pursuit is to build a good visual effect. In fact, are able to become a designer, because we have a kind of skill, can satisfy the user’s visual perception and visual demand.
We can listen, read, think, we can imagine the concepts, objects and people; But these feelings are very abstract, only to see the truth, to finalize the design.
Visual elements, such as photographs and video, can let us feel the most cordial, because of them and most close to our life, our empathy. When you figure captions for the web site, you add is not a bunch of beautiful blocks of pixels. Every picture, in fact, can be seen as a microcosm of the real life, and the users like that feeling, so to be able to create a good user experience.
Ingenious use of figure is also a kind of design
Even the content of the website, also need the image as a polish, each design this website, I need to find some good pictures or illustrations. This kind of image search is very important to me, because I can’t draw, if you can draw, or your team have gifted painting masters, that you are really so lucky! I envy you your good luck.
Good design good pictures to use achievement. People are visual animals, when browsing the web, there is a desire for image, so add images is very important. Moreover, must be appropriate, relevant pictures.
If you want to produce bright and contrast, learn to observe; Image is bright, so words can use the darker color, and vice versa. If you want to use white font and light background, so it is best to use some black element as a transition. For example, exquisite projection technique is very good.
A larger version popular
This rule has obvious, the bigger the image, the visual impact.
Correlation between
One figure is worth thousand words, but sometimes the word is given priority to, then match the figure must be related to the text. This is common sense, element consistency.
People are visual animals, a picture of a carefully prepared will bring you the greatest effect.