In the Baidu search on a few pages, there is full of information and recruitment pages? What about your company?

  • August 17, 2016

In the Baidu search on a few pages, there is full of information and recruitment pages? What about your company?

Because of the need of work, I will receive some daily business invitation, if these enterprises are well-known companies on the other hand, the unicorn is OK, I will go to Baidu search for the other company, the result is: Baidu search five pages, not the enterprise recruitment information is full screen business yellow pages, suddenly made me feel this company too formal, loss of browsing desire; but after long time later through face-to-face communication and on-the-spot investigation found that the company’s product quality is one of the best in the market, the company boss just don’t understand the network marketing and the corresponding network department to support, often not being found so, customers are basically to find their own.
No official website, the strength of enterprises will inevitably be questioned. A clearly powerful enterprises, because of the lack of a beautiful website supports the facade, which was suspected of strength, the heart of the bitter, I’m afraid for three days and three nights.
But there are a number of websites in the understanding of this reason, made a positive change, so gorgeous turn. For example, 58 city to replace LOGO and website design.
All along, the 58 city have been Tucao web design chaos, want to find what information between the lines particularly time-consuming. Possible previously because 58 pay more attention to the site function and service quality, web design color value has no spare time “unwinding ordered.” Finally, in May of this year, 58 to replace the new design of the LOGO. But in fact, this time is not just a replacement LOGO design, but also a comprehensive breakthrough in the design of the site.
Careful friends should be observed, the new logo “58”, in fact, is one of the four colors of the stack, alone does not seem to have before the pleasing to the eye (and maybe preconceived sake).


In fact, the choice of several colors is the main color of the overall style of the site


After revision


Before revision

After comparison is not difficult to see that the new site design revision, the value of the color to enhance more than one level. Small new and more graphic elements of image, visual effect is good to hear or see. Did not expect that the font color is blue, one deep and one shallow effect was so obvious difference. After the revision of the quality will bring good to hear or see the user experience and increase user stickiness.
It all began at that time make only superficial changes experience.

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