Icon is widely used in web design, almost every web site there are ICONS. Through these small ICONS, can facilitate the implementation of the visual guide and functional division. If choose appropriate, organic combination ICONS and images in a web page, and keep the consistency on the vision, at the same time can also and the style of your web site. Icon is not flashy gadgets, inset with big use. In web design, if the designer is not good at icon design, it needs to be in the icon to select fluctuation kongfu.
In general, according to the use of methods, the use of different occasions, an image can have a variety of interpretation of the icon. Icon will not only attract the attention of the user, can also split the page area, the most important thing, the icon provides a visual metaphor, can give a certain meaning object, so that users at a glance can know function, therefore, the icon is a tool to improve the user experience.
We is not hard to find, the icon is an indispensable part in good web design, but if use undeserved or icon design does not reach the designated position, then identification is very poor, the user can also be difficult to understand. So we need to look delicate, profound ICONS, such as the above is pretty good.
Although icon design and it’s a long story, but also more complex, but the icon for a variety of design, are helpful. Whatever the design, if you want to use the icon, then you must remember the following two points: the concept to convey, and have the visual effectiveness.
How to keep the icon visual effectiveness?
ICONS can well organized related content, attract attention, to the user guide to important infoshop, premise is that icon with content, other icon, the visual style of your web site.
Icon series should keep visual unity
For a set of ICONS do not have a unified style, even if some icon design bar again, also want to give up. Visual unity, about the overall design.
Fast development of web design, icon design also rapid progress. Once can’t use icon to convey the concept of, now can be done through skill, ICONS become an important tool. Make your web page more and more full of artistic feeling, more and more easy to understand.