web0722web design theory based on, is trying to present a consistent on different devices web browsing experience.
And reactive time is still inconvenient design basic principle?
1. Good web design should be simple and complete
Designers tend to be a philosopher, they often keep a tolerant attitude, design will not adopt extreme way of design, the beauty of their design is often a balance.
We can draw a horizontal axis and the left is contracted, right is complete, and the best selection of design will be smart median (pictured)
Web design must be simple, any useless qualities must be removed; At the same time, web page design must be able to meet user needs.
“Concise” design is good design, a designer of the control.
2. Users often lack of patience
The Internet is full of opportunities, everyone wants to through simple operation would then be able to obtain the required information.
Internet information like a vast sea, you are not the only information provider.
A timeless is: the user’s time is precious, they lack the patience. If you cannot provide convenient information, so they will choose to leave, and then look for other sites to seek information.
3. Web design must have consistency
Imagine you as a surfer experience: when you browse the web, typically do not read the content, you will quickly slide page, roughly the once-over, if see information of interest to stop, to read it carefully. This is a user habit.
4. The navigation menu as interaction “core”
Have already mentioned above, each page navigation must have consistency. Sometimes, good poor web design and web design gap on the navigation menu, and achieved a good navigation menu design, bad navigation destroyed a case of a web site.
Each time the user has a problem, he will be habitual reading navigation menu, this is also the user habit, should pay attention to. Personally, navigation is the core of the web design elements, affect the website interactivity, as to how to design, opinion and views.
5. Design has a clear visual hierarchy
Designers not only to create content, but also know how to efficient organization content, convey information. Visual hierarchy for important information presented, good visual hierarchy can help designers to strengthen design concept.
Space configuration, spacing of use, the overall layout, have enough about these discussion, at the end of the day, is nothing more than to build excellent visual hierarchy.
6. Never ignore the font
Content is king, then the content is the packaging? The answer is the font, the small details can make a big difference. The font is clear or not determines the results of the information presented.
Flat design to strengthen the people to the attention of the font, this I quite agree with.
Trend of also nots allow to ignore: the screen is bigger and bigger. So the font?
I believe these rules will not change along with the popular, want to design a better web page? Contact us and give you a perfect answer.