Jane design wind is currently a LOGO design of the trend of The Times. From the brand to identify, from APP to web design, minimalism LOGO almost condenses the essence of them. Whether your products and brands now have a LOGO, minimalist LOGO design gimmick or elements can be in a different way, actually very good into your design.
1, using black and white color
The minimalist LOGO design is one of the essence of the use of black and white color. This black and white tonal collocation nature, is the starting point of LOGO design the most appropriate, when LOGO design good enough form, consider using a more reasonable match colors again. If the LOGO under the simple black and white color all can’t see, I’m afraid if it changed colour also not enough minimalism.
Under the black and white color LOGO design will be more outstanding, make the overall framework and form to do well in this part, after coloring, again add gradient or texture, it can make the LOGO conveys the concept of a more solid and complete.
2, create a text LOGO
If your product or brand itself, in addition to the name, no other connotation and denotation, so you might as well focus on the name itself, to create a unique style of the text LOGO.
Chinese font has a variety of styles, and the geometric style strong English font style is more varied. Fashion, restore ancient ways, the bizarre twist or maverick, character and English font choice scope is quite widespread, but whatever you are willing to invest time on this, you can find style, personality style meet your demand. When you find a unique flavor of the font, add appropriate design and adjustment, it will have a more lasting vitality and value.
Most of the LOGO design need not care about trends come and go, as a brand, application or product LOGO also has extensive applicability.
3, a little restoring ancient ways
The minimalist wind restoring ancient ways more skills tend to use simple font and clean lines, such as the circular structure and around the edge of the text. Fine lines and stroke is the most common such LOGO design features.
Add slightly the color scheme of restoring ancient ways, such as CNS is full of amorous feelings of the 80 s or the neon color, bold and jump of the simple sense of the whole design is increasingly obvious. Concept and the advantage of minimalist wind restoring ancient ways is that can let you choose, you can draw nutrition from different s design, if you good craft, using the design style of more than one hundred years ago is not without it!
4, focusing on the geometry
Geometry has a congenital identification. LOGO design, can from the most basic circle, triangle and rectangle began to do, choose one or several graphics as the foundation.
Geometry is not only the basis of tectonic LOGO, and is an important means of passing information, communication users:
Circular/annular: the ring is a typical no start and no end it itself contains the meaning of the movement. Annular and circular often associated with women, with the meaning of love, energy, power, and it is often give meaning to infinite and harmony.
The shape of a square: it is the most common, and often give a person with the meaning of equality and the rule. It is synonymous with stable and trust, but at the same time, it also because of the existence of the common, also can be regard as a representative of the boredom and mediocre.
, triangle, triangle mainly contain the meaning of stability, power and energy, but it’s the same with conflict, tense and anxious mood, but this is usually a triangle pointed down to the feelings of people.
Cross: the cross as a symbol of religion, at the same time with the meaning of health, hope and balance.
Minimalist design wind have the lasting vitality, to some extent, excellent minimalist design has the eternal design aesthetic feeling, can continuously affect users, this has prompted many brand decades of constant use the same LOGO .
Contracted LOGO is easy to remember, the design of the be clear at a glance is easier to form emotional connection with users, and a good LOGO can withstand the test of time, nature is takes time to grind.