Technology innovation to drive the rapid development of the design industry, which makes the designers and developers have a broader heaven and earth. And web design also increasingly longer iconoclasts, many teams and companies have done a lot of thinking and innovation. So while we adapt to the modern design trends, might as well also take a look at the present stage roughly trend and style of web design.

01.Responsive Web Design

Now more and more users have a variety of terminal: desktops, laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones, can adapt to different size display page is now the trend, and even the design trend of the future for a long time. So responsive web design is to solve the problem. This special web development approach can guarantee to adapt to the different resolution, let the page elements restructuring, make it both in the vertical tablets and smart phones, all can reach the best visual effect.


02.Full Screen Design

In recent years, the so-called design and graphic design in “pure,” “white space” and other concepts have also been Internet design, to highlight the main body, more simple to provide a more comfortable sense perception, many started using full screen web design, use of carefully selected design beautiful background, coupled with reasonable layout, visual impact can be very good to attract the audience attention. Usually written content within the page won’t be much more special, mainly pictures show. Like this website for more photography team or individual collection exhibitions are common.


03.Flat Design

Flat design is to pare down design aesthetics. Remove all decorative design, can saying is to materialized, as before the design of subversion. In judgement, we can’t say it is good or bad, can only say that it provides a new design thinking. Flat design will become the trend of the future we can’t answer, in spite of mixed, controversial, but for now it is a trend of now.


04.The waterfall flow

There are some content are many, but they are not simple paging, but adopt the way of the waterfall is a vertical flow layout. Will be the content arranged vertically, when a user vertical scrolling, content will be regularly updated seems to be endless. The waterfall flow long before they became popular. This scroll is greatly reduced the number of pages, for large amount of information, updated daily data’s website is a good solution.


05.The style design of the page

Now the page no longer as it used to be restricted by many conditions and technology. The presentation is rather rich. Style from fresh to restore ancient ways, illustration drawn to the simulated design, wide world out there. Typography, layout or design elements, use the word do STH unconventional or unorthodox described is not far. According to the author’s feeling, has the deepest change aspect, the strengthening of plane design feeling, pay attention to the font design, rich flexible animation.

By observing how these trends affect modern web design, may we bring new design ideas. The future is unknown, so I should be more adaptation and learning in the wave.