Makes the users love and even stop the user experience, usually means that you need to give users what they want, but also give them something unexpected but they really need, and balance the proportion of both. Those familiar user experience design skills and rules you can fix the vast majority of user experience design problem, but there are some easy to ignore, in a blind spot design skills, can help you to do a good job in another part of the user experience design.
1, focus on the 20%
Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% of users, in short, usually can only use your site’s content and function of 20%, the vast majority of users just scan your content, and can only choose really interested in browsing.
At the same time, it also means that the remaining 20% is very important. Most of the click will come from in this area, it is nearly perfect content and interactive area.
2, structure type of thinking
And, more importantly, you don’t need to create things that had never been appeared in the framework, in other words, within the framework of the materials, components, and common to us. Like navigation design pattern, the design of the now are consistent, because such navigation works.
After the overall structure of the web site set up, can be the same ideas apply to content system build up. Main body content is the basis of the entire website content, supplemented by attractive title, pictures, cooperate with the other secondary elements, the whole system can be built quickly.
3, don’t ask for too much
Today’s world is driven by data, began to demand more and more application user registration, to provide more permissions, for more information, to provide users with a more personalized experience. But from the perspective of experience, try to avoid it.
Thought you standing in the user’s point of view. Find a make you interested in cool actor, if you want to understand more, you need content, but if you want to register, the website will require you to provide the following 10 types of information: name, E-mail, country, region, city, phone, Twitter permissions, personal website, jobs, and how to find this web site.
Then, what do you do? The vast majority of users will directly turned to leave, the registration information to fill in up too hard, bad experience.
4, even young children can be easy to use
If you want to give children the design product, it should be what look like? You may be more focused on the use of colour, that every block can easily click clear label, plus the connection mode of the schema.
So, when we are in the design of a website or APP, we would say that this product will be enough and easy to use, so how to calculate the “enough”? The children can easy to use, this is enough and easy to use. In other words, even the adults often do not use the site and APP, also won’t exist obvious use disorders.
5, think like a user
We have been saying: “think like a user”. But the actual situation is often, it is hard to get out of the designers and developers thinking way, because our way of thinking and users at different, in the face of each interaction and each element of knee-jerk reaction is not the same.
So, still with the design, development and product times people outside to talk, and see their real reaction of the site and the APP is really about. You may be found in the observation, they for the product, for interaction and interface reaction and your expectations is completely different. Record the user’s real feedback, feedback to the team, so I can help you make a better user experience, to create better products.