Is a goal, then get up if the right design is a bed an alarm clock, and emotional design is to make love to you kiss to wake.
Sometimes, we need to help users in order to achieve a certain goal, but sometimes they don’t buy it, then we need to detect their emotions, try to understand what they want and what you need, so as to find a way to impress them, make them willing to participate in to our goal.
Why need emotional design?
1, with the development of the society, the emotional appeal of increasingly strong
The development of science and technology, make consumers and manufacturers of products to meet people’s psychological needs higher requirements are put forward. With the improvement of people consumption demand and market competition is increasingly fierce, human perceptual psychological demand got unprecedented attention, people no longer meet the demand of pure material, people’s demand is developing towards the direction of the emotional interaction level.


Every day there are a lot of south Asian Labour came to dubai to work to make money to get a better life. They only $6 a day on average income, can call home but had to spend the cost of $0.91 per minute. In order to save every penny, these migrant workers are not willing to call home.

The so-called happiness, for them, which is able to hear the screams of the children, can hear the sound of the family. After to know the actual situation of this group of people, the Coca-Cola company has developed a dubai can use coke bottle caps when calls “hello happiness” booth device, put the telephone booth in the workers living areas, every Coca-Cola bottle cap can use free international calls for three minutes.

2, we like to communicate with people, not by machine

Human nature is very important in the human-computer interaction discipline research, fully consider the user’s psychological feelings, product incarnate into a man of character, temper, compared with the cold machine can get more users favor and empathy.


For their own children temperature is every mother some experience. Every time children have a fever, mothers always always care about the baby’s body temperature, but the thermometer grow so not kind, will make some of the sick children feel sense of rejection. Then how to do?
Will be full of the sense of distance of the thermometer and the most natural hands together, let us use the most natural way for the children of her own temperature. Although the thermometer appearance looks simple, but it is the designer after constantly study consumer behavior was born out of ergonomic thermometer.
In web design this, increase gradually as we focus on the user experience, emotional design is more and more be taken seriously in the web design.


Landing page, when you enter the password, the sprout of the owl will cover my eyes, in the process of enter the password to the user transmit a sense of security. At the time of registration, the owl’s hand and eyes also points to your selected input box, with lovely images to itself the boring login registration screen added a little interest, thus reducing the users registered in the login of negative emotions.




There is no doubt that when browsing the site in 404 is one of the most frustrating thing. You laborious research, between the information’s mad web search useful information, very not easy to find a close link, is a hole in 404 pages, anger and frustration in the expansion of the heart felt really bad. Though the developers want to avoid users in 404, but when the user inevitably plunged into the error page, also want the user to try to stay a little longer in the web page. So, in the design of 404 pages, completes the emotional design is the primary task.

Emotional design has been more and more attention, it let us come into contact with all kinds of products is more and more human, it has formed a trend. , and we need to do is to put this good trends continue, in our field to create more excellent works.