The past for a long time, the style of interface design are in gradual change, “flattening” design is rapidly in a short period of ten months of the popular. In essence, this is not only a kind of visual style change, but rather a design language and the evolution of the mode of thinking.
Just like the last century in the field of architectural minimalism movement of the impact of excessive decorate, flat design may be a of excessive design has been used for years, or too fancy web and a reversal of the interface.
Flat design means that the material in the interface and icon, shadow, the disappearance of the stereo feeling, and so on. In fact for interface design, just as people demand for visual sense of fresh and fatigue is born.
For more clean interface, easy to use, light. Rather than on the user’s immersion in the page to read, to the user. The complex pages of comb is very easy to use.
Whatever quasiphysical design or freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese realistic flat design, how to around demand, let people immersed in their favorite content.
As a product with designers, should care about is not only a style and form, but a better experience. “User” is not only “user”, they are hope, dream of a better experience. Your products are created to help people to realize their dreams. How do you think of the users, help them to stimulate their own internal talent and value, you will win their hearts. Isn’t that what we are after.