Homepage is mohican, each channel manager wants in a conspicuous position to recommend your product or to increase exposure information, always hope to let the user see everything, but in the end we will find that you put something, the more users just couldn’t find what he wants, quickly leave the possibility is very large.
Architecture for each screen shoulds not be too much change, it is good to appropriate, primary and secondary content position information consistency, otherwise users each browse to the next screen will need to go to unscramble architecture, thinking it from there and began to read, not only the user’s patience was consumed also would increase the cost of the user’s browsing, so the website home page architecture must be clear, to maintain good permeability, reduce the cost of the user to browse.
Page design if you use too much adornment element, can cause large page download speed is slow, don’t overestimate the tolerance of Internet users, most Internet users are impatient. When browsing through a lot of information need a concise interface without obstacles, too much colour and adornment can distract users attention, instead affects users browse effect and reduce the click for information. Website requires the user to see the web site provides information of content and services rather than fancy decoration (except personality product web site). One reason why it netease portal used concise style.
Configuration information
Homepage usually carry a large amount of information, of information allows users to browse the web will be stressful, how can let users in the design of smooth browsing become important one annulus.
Visual order
In an information section, there will be the first visual area, the second visual area, the third visual area, that is when the user sees the information section at first glance will fall to the position of the picture, 2 eyes will land on the headline, the 3rd eye will go elsewhere. Such a sequence of guide users to browse, can reduce the cost of users browse, increase the visual effect of the page.
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