Whether you’re advocating for an idea, a product or service, or any type of brand message, the content that you create, coupled with the context in which is put, leads all of the conversations you’re trying to create. Digitally speaking, content and context are important to your SEO efforts. In regards to the digital arena, content and context are vital to how you communicate on social media. When in a space where streams of binary code materialize into internetted channels… well you get the idea: content and context are essential. However, does that mean one or both are king?

Where do we begin?

Let us begin with content. It is the foundation of our communication when we are positioning ourselves as a resource – something that, in one way or another, we all should be.

1.First and foremost: make sure that the content created aligns with your strategy. Too many people miss this.

2.fact. The strategy leads all that you do and that includes content.

3.The concept of which is straightforward: content marketing is shaped by the content surrounding your objectives.

4.In the world of today, content is no longer campaign based. Content is continuous.

5.If you want to enter the realm of real-time, you need to have a fully present and empowered team of content creators, decision makers (including legal) at your disposal.

All aimed to SEO, more important is to develop customers for your trust, transaction. And the content, will be the secret weapon in your hand! If you don’t know how to get started, contact us, now began to change.