Graphic Design Beijing

Graphic Design is about the idea, the ability to problem solve through concepts and imagery. Graphic Design is everywhere you look. Think packaging, advertising, brochures, signage, corporate identity, magazines, and the internet. It deals with and shapes communication in a visual world and as such, is a broad and flexible discipline offering amazing possibilities.

logo and identity

Logo & Identity

Image is very important!

The core piece on all your marketing efforts is your logo. Your companies logo is the first place where prospects will have contact with your company.

Stationary Design

Business card, letterhead and more

Our stationary packages include a unified design of your business cards, envelopes and letterheads that echo your brand.

Brochure & Magazine

Brochures, magazines, folders and flyers,

Your brochure and presentation media should impact prospects and motivate them towards a desired call to action.

Poster Banner Design

exhibition and promotions

Do you have a special event or promotion going on at your company? If so, you need an eye-catching way to engage your customers and grab their attention.

User Interface

enhance the interactive experience.

Relay key messages to your customers and stakeholders in a concise, easy-to-digest format.

Packaging Design

smart, dynamic packaging design.

No matter the industry, a handsome package is a long-term investment into selling your product and getting where you want to go.